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J & M Services - Proud To Be Locally Owned

The owners of J&M Services and familyJ & M Services is a Portland Oregon and Vancouver Washington based company that provides all aspects of Gas Piping, Ventilation and Air Duct Cleaning for Southern Washington and the Portland Oregon Metro Area. We specialize in Homeowner projects and take pride in our work. We enjoy our job and look forward to finding the most cost effective and cleanest installs possible for our customers. All of our employees are hard working honest people that have been with us for years. I know my Technicians in the field are truly who is representing my company, so I do everything I can to make our work environment a uniquely positive place for employment. Everyone at J&M Services is continuously engaged in ongoing training and certification classes so that we may continue to offer our customers the best choices for their Gas Piping , Ventilation or Air Duct Cleaning needs. We pride ourselves on the ability to give the customer the end result they expect and deserve.

We Work Hard For Our Customers, And Our Reputation Proves It

J&M Services has over 100 Reviews on Gas Line Installation Contractor services We have over 100 positive Reviews on Home Advisor alone, which doesn’t include the over 300 reviews on Angie’s list and hundreds more on various platforms. We let our Customers do the talking for us! We have worked hard to earn a reputation for quality, service and value. We maintain good relationships with all of our wholesalers and make sure they find us easy to work with, establishing a partnership based on trust and helping us to bring you the best pricing in the area. By specializing only in Gas Piping, Ventilation and Air Duct Cleaning, we have developed a high level of knowledge and expertise in our trade. I can confidently proclaim that we truly are the best in the Northwest! We also gain significant purchasing power by specializing and ordering our Gas Piping and Venting materials in bulk quantity, passing the savings on to you. We have learned that customer referrals are by far the most powerful form of advertising for our business. We wish our customers to be happy and completely satisfied with their experience with J&M Services. We do not believe a job is a one time event, we strive to keep our customers for life. We know how we personally want to be treated, so we treat our customers the same!

Our Specialization Is Our Edge

A J&M Services stack of ventilation pipes. J&M Services offers Ventilation, gas piping, natural gas piping, air duct cleaning, gas piping installation, and other gas piping services in Portland Or, and Vancouver WaWe offer only specialized services; Gas Piping, Air Duct Cleaning & Ventilation. This is a conscious decision based of course on a great business model allowing us purchasing power and a significant edge in knowledge over traditional “Do it all” companies, but the truth is, we offer these services because we truly enjoy them! There’s nothing more enjoyable to me than lighting a new gas fire pit for the first time,  the challenge of designing a gas schematic for a custom new home, helping an excited customer fire up their new gas range. Finding clever routes for Gas Piping is my version of putting a puzzle together in the living room. Offering Air Duct Cleaning Services has been great as well! My Daughter & I both have horrible indoor allergies, and nothing has helped as much as air duct cleaning. It feels good to offer a service that I know has personally helped my family. Even after all the years of J&M Services, I still love my job with all of it’s challenges and my Technicians share my enthusiasm! If you have any questions at all about our company or our services, please let us know. I am proud of my trade and enjoy answering any questions I can for DIYs (Do It Yourself folks) also. Feel free to drop us an e-mail or give us a call. We’re always glad to hear from both our satisfied customers and future clients as well.

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