Thinking About Adding An Outdoor Gas Fire Pit

What you need to know about adding an outdoor gas fire pit.

Adding an outdoor gas fire pit is a great way to add warmth and a focal point to any backyard or outdoor living space. You’ll have almost endless options to explore if you’re considering adding a gas fire pit.  There are a few key points you need consider before you light that flame for the first time.

First, as with any addition to your home or landscape, think about location, location, location……did we mention location?  The most important factor to consider when choosing where your fire pit will be located is safety.  It is imperative to ensure that the area is free and clear of all overhanging tree branches or adjacent bushes.  You should pick an area that isn’t near any combustibles such as dry grass, or too near an area with mulch or bark dust. Adding gravel, sand or some hardscaping around the designated gas fire pit area is a great way to further reduce the risk that a stray spark might add a little extra excitement to your backyard barbecue.gas fire pit, gas fire pits, natural gas fire pit, fire feature, gas fire feature, natural gas fire feature
Once you’ve picked a location, you’ll need to decide whether you’re going DIY on your fire pit, hiring a contractor to create your design, purchasing a ready-made fire pit from your favorite home improvement store or a combination of the above.  All three are viable options, and each has its advantages and disadvantages—DIY can be inexpensive but labor intensive, and because of the flammable materials involved, it’s not recommended unless you have experience and training with gas line installation. Hiring a contractor to do the complete job allows you to sit back and direct the project without breaking a sweat, but it can be expensive. Picking up a pre-fabricated gas fire pit offers the most convenience and affordability, but little room for design customization.  We find that many of our customers prefer a combination of these options. We work with people all the time who want to do the work to prep the area and even construct the gas fire pit itself, but would rather have us come in for the actual underground gas line installation and final gas connection.  It offers the best of all scenarios, you get to earn a bit of sweat equity in your project, design and build exactly what you want and still have the peace of mind to know that your gas installation was done by experts giving you years of worry free use.
Alright you’ve picked the perfect location, you’ve called J&M Services to do the professional install on your new gas line for your amazing new fire pit but what about the design?  You’ll want to consider whether you want your outdoor gas fire pit to match the style of your home and outdoor landscaping, offer a unique departure from matching style as a focal point, or land somewhere in between. With the range of options available, you should have no problem coming up with the perfect solution for your space.
Finally, once your outdoor natural gas fire pit is installed, please be sure to keep a fire extinguisher or water source nearby whenever it’s lit. While a properly maintained fire pit is generally quite safe, it never hurts to be extra cautious when it come to your family and friends.  Contact J&M Services today to schedule you gas fire pit gas line installation, 503.680.0195, 360.263.5600 or email us at
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