Advantages of Gas Cooking Appliances

Advantages of Gas Cooking Appliances

Natural or Propane Gas Cooking Appliances have many benefits over standard electrical models. Gas cooking burners require no wait time to pre-heat. There’s no comparison when boiling water, gas burners are much faster than their electrical counterparts. Gas burners also cool down much quicker than electric burners or coils.

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Gas cook-tops are generally very easy to clean and very low maintenance. Many of the newer gas cook-tops come with a “Power Burner”, an exceptionally high BTU gas burner specifically designed for quickly boiling water. Modern gas cooking appliances do not have continuously lit pilot lights. They instead  utilize an electrical igniter, erasing all of the risks associated with older gas cooking appliances. When purchasing a gas powered range, consider the BTU’s load it will require and consult a Gas Piping Professional to be sure your current gas line can handle the additional load. If the current system cannot handle the extra BTU load or you do not have a gas line installed in your kitchen for a gas range, a licensed Gas Piper can add to or up-size your gas lines as required. New products such as Flexible Stainless Steel Gas Piping make adding a new gas line much more affordable!

Gas Cooking Appliances have also been proven in our local market to raise the value of your home. If you have a gas pipe contractor at your home doing other work, it would be worth your time to inquire about the costs of a gas line to the kitchen. Just having the gas line in place ups the resale value. Especially in Portland, cooking with gas is the biggest trend the newer generation of potential home buyers is looking for.

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