Air Duct Cleaning Can Greatly Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Air Duct Cleaning will significantly improve your indoor air quality. Not sure if you need air duct cleaning? Your homes furnace ducting system can become contaminated from construction or remodel projects, pets and animals or just naturally over time.  Dust buildup in your ductwork can be a breeding ground for dust mites, harmful bacterias and occasionally molds.  Think of it as the area that never gets cleaned behind your fridge or cook stove, except your family is breathing it!

Fortunately, air duct cleaning services are very affordable.  Rates can be found as low as $18 per vent in some areas, a small investment fr your families health.  Brush driven powerful vacuums rotate thru your homes ducting system and softly break loose debris, sucking it up in the process.  HEPA filters protect your home and the workers from breathing the harmful contaminants as the vacuum works.

Homeowners who have had this service completed report lesser allergies, quieter furnace operation, longer intervals between furnace filter change outs and less dust around the home. Indoor Air Quality Portland Oregon & Indoor Air Quality Vancouver Washington specialists!

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