Air Duct Cleaning now that the kids are back to school!

Air Duct Cleaning now that the kids are back to school!

Having Air Duct Cleaning performed now that all the kids are back to school & Summer is over is a great way to start fresh and reduce housework! In our personal home, we really noticed how much less dust was on all the furniture after Air Duct Cleaning. Summer’s are great, but dust buildup in the ductwork during our few dry months is very noticeable. Kids are gone during the day, shouldn’t you be able to relax and catch your breath? Personally, we think you should kick back and watch our professional duct cleaners hand wash all of your heating registers and clean your air ducts. Dryer Vent Cleaning has more perks too! While our duct cleaners have the dryer disconnected to clean the vent, they will vacuum all around and behind your dryer appliance, of course catching the lint trap as well. Wanna take it one step further? Ask our duct cleaners to catch your bathroom vents. They’ll remove and hand wash all of the grills covering your bathroom fans. Trust us, go look at your bath fans vents after you finish reading this, they need cleaned! While the bath fan grills are removed, the duct cleaners will clean & vacuum inside of the bath fan housing and the actual bath fan motor, which will extend the life of the fan.Get your air ducts cleaned today, it’s surprisingly affordable and great results!

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