Air Duct Cleaning, Portable is Better and More Affordable!

Air Duct Cleaning, Portable is Better and More Affordable!

Air Duct Cleaning Portland Or would sure help this customer breathe better!
Air Duct Cleaning Portland Oregon would sure help this customer breathe better!

Air Duct Cleaning, Portable is better and more affordable! Portable Brush Driven Vacuum Systems VS Truck mounted Powervacs. In the past, the only option available to consumers for Air Duct Cleaning Portland Oregon was large, expensive truck mounted gas engine driven “Powervac” systems. My Grandfather thought it was great to watch the 6′ tall bags inflate off the back of the truck, the whole setup was very impressive looking! Rotobrush International was the first company to introduce Portable Brush Driven Systems to the industry. While these Vac’s costs over $5,000 each, that’s still a fraction of the costs of the truck mounted systems which easily cost upwards of $20,000. So which is better for you, the homeowner?

Truck Mounted Power Vac System;

-An access hole is cut into the ducting at the actual furnace. A large vacuum hose is attached to this access hole, then routed out to the powervac truck parked outside. This was the only option in the past for Air Duct Cleaning Portland Oregon customers!

-A drill with a long cable & a small brush at the end is ran thru the ductwork from each register or grill location, in theory agitating the debris in the ductwork.

Air Duct Cleaning Portable Brush Driven Vacuum System;

-The machines are powered by dual vac motors, the same power as good quality coin op car cleaner machines.

-A large diameter vac hose is outfitted with a quick connect fitting on the end, enabling the Technician to quickly change brush sizes so the correct size brush is being utilized for the size of the actual ducting -A drive cable runs thru the large vac hose, spinning the soft bristled brush at the end. A sensitive clutch system prohibits the drive cable from binding up and damaging any ductwork

So which is better?

-The truck mounted systems count on the vacuum to draw the debris from the farther points of your homes ductwork to the single access hole they have cut into your furnace. While this may do a decent job with dust and fine particles, larger debris never makes it to the vacuum.

-The portable system picks up the debris in your ductwork as it knocks it loose with the brush. The brush is 2 inches from the powerful vacuum hose, rather than attempting to pull debris thru your entire maze of ductwork. Watch a video here

-The truck mounted system costs the Contractor much more, which will have to be made up somewhere (the consumer!). The portable machines are much more cost effective and easier to maintain, allowing contractor’s to offer lower prices. Our company specializes in Ventilation & Gas Piping. We noticed the majority of contractor’s offering Air Duct Cleaning Portland Oregon had no real knowledge of ductwork or furnace systems. As a company specializing in Ventilation & Ductwork, if we were going to offer our loyal customers Air Duct Cleaning services, we wanted it to be the best! In my educated opinion, Brush Driven Portable machines are by far the best service & value, I think we’ll gradually see truck mounted systems disappear over the next few years. From a consumer standpoint, I see no reason to pay considerably more for obsolete technology and lesser results for Air Duct Cleaning Portland Oregon

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