Air Duct Cleaning Vancouver Washington can help with Winter Allergies

Air Duct Cleaning Vancouver Washington can help with Winter Allergies

Having Air Duct Cleaning Vancouver Washington performed during the Winter months is a huge help with nasty allergies! If your home is anything like ours, your furnace is running at least twice as often during the cold Winter months. Dust resting inside the ductwork is pushed into the home and into the air you breathe.

This is actually the reason we got into Air Duct Cleaning. My Daughter & I both had horrible Winter allergies. We had our air ducts cleaned, and our allergies were very noticeably reduced. Air Duct Cleaning Vancouver Washington  is surprisingly affordable too! At J&M Services we use a portable machine, which we feel is much less intrusive and does a much more thorough job than any other duct cleaning system available today.

Not only will you notice an improvement with allergies, but in all around dust in the home. Much less dust on the furniture and around the heating vents. It seemed like every Winter there would be a layer of dust on all the furniture within a day of “dusting”. Other than a very much needed reduction on allergies for both my Daughter and Myself, the lack of dust everywhere was the number one thing we noticed on our personal home after performed air duct cleaning. We live in a rural area with a long gravel driveway. The kids are in & out all day. We host softball parties that sometimes have as many as 80 youth & adults. We host a monthly get together to watch sporting events. We’ve been very thankful that duct cleaning reduces our cleaning labor times in between hosting company!

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