Check Out Your Air Vent Cleaning Contractor Before You Hire Them.

What Kind Of Service Is Your Air Vent Cleaning Contractor Really Providing?

We’ve talked several times in the past about researching your Air Vent Cleaning contractor or any contractor before you hire them for a service.  Most recently in our blog we were talking about Gas Piping Contractors (you can find the article here), but it’s a topic we can’t stress enough.  Last week we were conducting an Air Vent Cleaning for a new client out in Beaverton.  She has had an air duct cleaning service performed each year in the spring for the last several years, 7 or 8, since she purchased her home new.  Each spring she has used the same local company who uses a large truck mounted Air Vent Cleaning system.  This year after a conversation with, and recommendation from a friend, she called J&M Services and she was thankful she did.  We took the time to go through the differences in our portable Rotobrush Air Vent Cleaning systems vs. the large outdated truck mounted systems.  In the end it wasn’t our discussion that convinced her that we offered a superior service, it was what we were able to show her.Air Vent Cleaning, Air Duct Cleaning, Damaged Duct Work, Damaged Duct Repair

Always Find Out If Air Vent Cleaning Has Been Done Before Moving Into Your New Home.

Whether your home is new construction or just a new to you home, it’s a very practical idea to make sure that the air vent system has been thoroughly cleaned.  As we mentioned our new client in Beaverton had purchased her home about 7 or 8 years back, it was brand new construction.  She had been diligent about the cleaning and maintenance of her HVAC system, getting annual Air Vent Cleaning services performed to ensure that the air she was breathing was clean and that her system was able to run as efficiently as possible.  Even with all of her good intentions, the wrong company with the wrong equipment let her down, and it took us to prove it to her.  The image to the right is a picture that we took of one of the vents in her home.  During the construction process several empty tubes of calking had been discarded into an air vent, and even with her annual air vent cleanings she was completely unaware of the massive pile of debris still in her system all these years later.  Not only was the trash still in there, but the tubes of calking had actually torn the ducting itself.

The Right Air Vent Cleaning Equipment Makes All The Difference.

What’s the old adage, a picture is worth a thousand words.  It’s pretty clear to see that even after 7 or 8 attempts with an older truck mounted system you can’t get an air vent system as clean as with a single service from J&M Services and our portable Rotobrush machines. Not only were we able to remove the debris that had been in there for years, but we were able to give her a bid to fix the damaged bit of ducting while we were already there thanks to our background in Ventilation & Duct Repair.  We’d love to show you the difference the right team with the right equipment can make in your home or business.  Make sure to do your due diligence, check us out online, read through the hundreds of reviews about our company and then give us a call.  If you’re on the Oregon side of the river call J&M Services at 503.680.0195 or in Clark County call us at 360.263.5600 to schedule your Air Vent Cleaning service today.