Avoid Air Duct Condensation In Your Home

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What Causes Air Duct Condensation In Your Home?

The most common causes of air duct condensation are too much moisture in the air combined with inadequate or improperly installed ductwork. When water condenses and drips on the air ducts in your home, it can cause serious health issues. The condensation that drips off your ducts and onto insulation, causes the insulation to become wet and compress.  This decreases the insulation’s ability to insulate at the correct R-value.  The dripping can also cause your drywall to become damp which will lead to the growth of unhealthy mold.

The impact of too much moisture in the air in your attic, ductwork or crawlspaces means you run the risk of developing condensation. Folks living in above average humidity level areas will often see an increase in this problem.  Inadequate or improper insulation on your duct work will also cause condensation. We often see ductwork that may have been insulated at one time, but improper installation or animals among other things has left the ductwork exposed. If you have the proper amounts of insulation on your duct work, then condensation will not form. You must make sure that your duct work is properly insulated to avoid this problem. We offer free crawl inspections with our air duct cleaning service to help ensure that our clients duct work is in good shape.Air Duct Condensation, Ductwork Condensation,

Hiring the right HVAC company to help you with the challenges of improper or no insulation of ducts, sealing crawlspaces, dehumidifier disparities, and air flow, can be daunting. J&M Services will ensure that your ducts have the proper insulation, contain no gaps, are properly sealed with tape, and are properly hung to effectively eliminate condensation.

The risk for for air duct condensation is greatest in the summer. Temperatures reach  their highest levels during the summer months and that’s when proper ventilation is key. Dirty filters can also be an issue! A dirty furnace filter restricts air flow, so make sure your filters stay clean to keep your air flowing evenly. This will help avoid hot or cold spots that can lead to a higher risk of air duct condensation.


There are several things that you can do to prevent condensation of your ductwork.  Use the bathroom exhaust fan, make sure that your doors and windows are sealed when you take a shower, insulate cold air supply ducts,  and wrap cold water plumbing pipes to reduce moisture throughout your home. Schedule regular duct cleaning and maintenance visits to keep your system running efficiently, and inspected by our trained professional to spot potential issues before they become problems.

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