Brrrrr! Cold outside, but not in my Shop! Radiant Propane Gas Heaters are amazing this time of year

Propane Gas heaters are available in several configurations, there is sure to be something that fits your needs! I grew up with a woodstove, and nothing will ever replace the comforting heat from a real wood fire. I still have a woodstove in my Shop, and if I’m going to spend the day working in my Shop, I’ll take the time to build a fire. It’s those tasks that take under an hour that get me. Not really worth the time to get a fire going, so typically just work in misery trying to keep my finger’s moving until the task is complete.

After installing countless Natural & Propane Gas Radiant Heaters for customers, I finally forced myself to install one in my personal shop. I think it’s comparable to the mechanic who works on cars all day but puts off all of his personal repairs. Fitting gas pipe at 9pm after working all day just isn’t my idea of fun anymore.

The end result is just AMAZING! 5 minutes after flipping the switch, one half of my shop feels like a beach in Hawaii. I installed a 10′ U-tube ceramic radiant heater, powered by Propane Gas. Very energy efficient, at only 60k BTU’s. We angled the heater to direct heat at the back half of my shop, where the work stations are set up. After about 30 minutes, the chill is off the entire shop, not just the area the heater is directed at. My tools are actually warm to the touch even tho it’s 24 degree’s outside and my shop is a non insulated metal building.

If this sounds like something you want in your shop, or you have any questions about how to stay warm this Winter, please give us a call

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