Crawl Restoration, Damaged Duct Replacement

Crawl Restoration, Damaged Duct Replacement

Flooding, animal damage, poor initial installation, corrosion.  All reasons to look at damaged duct replacement Portland Oregon services & options. Your homes heating ductwork is responsible for circulating fresh air thru your home for your family to breath. Damaged HVAC ducting can cause health problems, excessive energy consumption and premature equipment failure.

The costs of repairs greatly varies.  A fully mechanical HVAC company with multiple skilled troubleshooting technicians on payroll is going to charge more for these services than a specialized company with ducting specific vans & employees.  Prices range from $200-$350 per heat run in the Northwest.  Be sure to get a good description of the services provided!  Does the price include removal and disposal if the damaged duct work?  Is the new flex material being installed have the correct R value?  Are the employee’s wrapping the exposed metal?

Once flexible duct becomes water logged, it must be replaced! Flexible heating duct consists of an outer plastic liner, a layer of R8 rated fiberglass insulation and an inner plastic liner imbedded with a steal wire spiral core. If the insulation gets wet, it will never full dry out between the two layers of plastic liner. Add in the direct warm air from your furnace, and you have a perfect breeding ground for nasty molds & bacterias!

Don’t live with damaged ducting, call a ductwork replacement specialist and save on your heating / cooling costs, equipment life and breath cleaner air in your home. Damaged Duct Replacement Portland Oregon should always be performed by a licensed contractor!

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