Heating Duct Change Out, Don’t Live With a Problem!

Heating Duct Change Out, Don’t Live With a Problem!

Your homes heating duct system can be damaged over time.  Animals may enter your crawl or attic area, water damage, domestic pets, improper initial installation, etc.   Leaving this damage unattended can have many harmful effects.  Torn or ripped ductwork can be costing you money thru heat loss into your crawl space or attic, also making your heat system work harder.  Water damaged ducting can mold, causing serious health problems for you & your family.

Have your heating duct system inspected.  Most companies will perform this service very inexpensive, any damage findings repaired will quickly pay for themselves.  A licensed ducting contractor can perform small heating duct repairs in a few hours, well worth the cost to save your health and monthly energy bill.  Be sure the ducting they are installing meets new codes, have them show you the energy rating on the duct.

Jeremiah Doty, owner

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