Duct Cleaning Techs Find Hidden Treasures

You never know what you’re going to find when performing a Duct Cleaning service.

Meeting up with all of our great Technicians in the morning a few weeks ago and sharing job stories while we drank coffee together and got ready to start our day, our Duct Cleaning Leads shared several stories of their “finds” on the job. Courtney, our top air duct cleaning lead technician, has told me countless stories of the treasures she’s found while performing  an air duct cleaning service. She’s found rare coins, old personal letters, tons & tons of random kids toys of course. We found a wedding ring recently, and our customer was literally in tears after we showed her the ring. Apparently the ring had been lost for a few years, and had been considered lost forever at this point.

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Aside from sharing fun stories of finding old artifacts and customers reactions to long lost items, something else became apparent. Why were we finding so much “stuff” when we performed our air duct cleaning services? The customer with the ring had actually had her air duct cleaning done by another company shortly after losing her ring in hopes they might find it!

We asked our air duct cleaning crews to find out from the homeowner if their ducts had been cleaned by another company within 5 years on any jobs we found “treasures”. Some houses had never had the ducts cleaned at all (at least that the current homeowners were aware of), and these were the jobs we found Ten dollar bills, letters, kids homework (my duct ate my homework?) and other random loose debris. We found really neat, and who knows how old, bullet casings in some ducting in downtown Portland. That particular homeowner had never owned a gun, was not into guns whatsoever, and had the duct cleaning done by another company the year before. The trend we are noticing is tough to ignore; some of our competitors are not getting the solid objects out of the ductwork! Nobody’s vacuum is going to suck up a 5lb weight that someone stashed in the duct, but our vacuums easily pulled up old coins, rings, shell casings, various kids toys, an old pocket knife, marbles (surprising amounts of marbles), etc.

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Keep us in mind for your air duct cleaning needs, and when we come out you never know what we’ll find. At our personal house, we found a check from the “Bank of Yacolt” for $10 dated from 1926!  Don’t forget to Download Your Coupon to have us do a free crawl inspection while we’re there.