Duct Cleaning Portland Oregon will help extend the life of your heating equipment & filters

Having Duct Cleaning Portland Oregon performed in your home can signicantly increase the life of your home’s heating & cooling systems, and filter life.

Dust & Debris accumulate in the ducting thru out the year. Contaminents are eventually circulated thru the furnace components, including the blower motor. Although filtration has become much improved in recent years, with enough buildup in the ductwork contaminants will make it past the filtration system.

A small amount of dust is un avoidable in ducting. Once it builds up it is much more likely to break off and flow thru the heating system. Duct Cleaning is a very cost effective way to prolong the life of your HVAC equipment, and improve your homes air quality while reducing cleaning & dusting time all at once. Contaminants are especially harmful for those of you with heat pumps or air conditioning. When dirt & debris rests on top of your A/C condenser unit, they will trap moisture and accelerate corrosion.

With the perfection of powerful portable duct cleaning machines, the costs are surprisingly affordable!

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