The Things We Find During A Duct Cleaning Always Amaze Me

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Duct Cleaning Treasures Aren’t Always Worth A Bunch Of Money

Last week while performing a Duct Cleaning Service on an older home in the Beaverton area we found something kind of remarkable in the customer’s duct work. Duct Cleaning

We come across lost things all the time; kids toys, lost earrings, lost keys, we even found a petrified frog one time, but this was different. While working in the bedroom of a now grown and moved away child we found a bunch of pictures from when the boy was still in school. They were pictures of his friends, and having fun in the summer with his family. The client, the young man’s mother, was in tears when she saw them. She was so happy to find the treasures from her son’s youth she was overcome with emotion. There really was no value, at least monetary value, to what we found. But to our client the treasure trove of memories was priceless.

Duct Cleaning Is The Service That Keeps On Giving

I must say out of all of the things we’ve found through years and years of performing duct cleaning services this might have been my favorite.  Just to be able to bring so much joy to a client in such an unexpected way really made my day. We are always happy to be able to find something our client has lost or that a child may have dropped down a vent, but to find something so meaningful and so unexpected it makes it an all time fav!

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