During Stormy Winter Months, a Natural Gas or Propane Powered Generator May be a Lifesaver!

During Stormy Winter Months, a Natural Gas or Propane Powered Generator May be a Lifesaver!

I can’t help but wish we had a Natural Gas or Propane powered generator at our home. Watching the wind bend the trees outside my window this morning, the thought of a power outage crosses my mind.  In my home, this means no lights, possibly losing all the food in my refrigerator & freezer, no running water, and worst of all, no heat.

natural gas generator, Propane Powered Generator

A few hours with no lights is a good excuse to break out the candles and play games with the kids.  A day or two (or longer) without power however can bring some serious problems.  Anyone who has had to throw away an entire freezer full of thawed rotten food knows, it’s hard watching your hard earned stockpile go in the trash!  No heat during a winter power outage is much more than being uncomfortable, it can lead to frozen pipes and considerable damage to your home.

Generator’s come in all sizes and power outputs.  The generator can be directly hardwired into your electrical panel, automatically keeping the power on to crucial circuits during a power outage.  Traditional gasoline powered generators do work of course, but they require constant refueling and fuel from last year could go bad, causing mechanical problems when you need it to work the most.

Natural Gas or Propane Generator’s are economical, never need refueling, and the fuel source never goes bad.  A qualifed gas technician can install a propane or natural gas line from your existing gas fuel system directly to your gas powered generator.  Most Gas Line Installation companies have a surprisingly affordable rate on retrofit natural gas or propane gas lines, much more affordable than a wasted freezer full of food!

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