Gas Piping in Retrofit Applications

Gas Piping in Retrofit Applications

Recently, I was at a remodel job bidding new gas piping  for the homeowner.  The home was a ranch with a finished basement.  The entire home was torn down to bare studs.  The homeowner was weighing out the cost effectiveness of adding a Gas Cooktop versus staying with the existing electrical unit.

While talking with the homeowner, I realized a few things about Gas Piping;  Most people are convinced they cannot afford the installation costs of retrofit Gas Lines. Home owner’s are unaware of the amazing variety of Gas Appliances offered. This homeowner in particular couldn’t see how we could install new gas lines to his desired locations.

The costs of Gas Piping are surprisingly affordable.  Also, if you are already set on installing a single gas line,  most gas installation contractors offer discounts for multiple lines.  This homeowner was showing me his outdoor covered deck area.  I mentioned we should install a gas line to his barbeque. He would never need to change the tank again and save fuel costs.  The routing was impossible to hard pipe in traditional black iron, but with new products like CSST, no problem at all.  We were able to add the line for an additional cost of only $250.

We walked around the back of his home, where he showed me his future generator location.  This location was as far away as possible from the exisiting gas lines, and the homeowner had not even considered it an option.  Why have a generator that needs refueled?  A knowledgeable Gas Piping Contractor knows every product available, consulting a gas piping specialist will save you money and open up many options you may not have realized existed.  We planned and routed polyurethane gas piping from the meter location to the generator, at a very reasonable cost.  Underground piping is relatively inexpensive by the foot. Most of the costs associated are in the protected risers required at each end of the run.  Perfect for longer distances!

When my bid was completed, we had gone from a single gas line to a kitchen cook top to a BBQ that never needs the tank changed, a generator that never needs refueled and a shop heater that heats instantly at the flip of a switch, leaving a happy homeowner without going over budget.

Jeremiah Doty, owner

J&M Services
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