Gas Piping Portland Oregon DIY’s have questions? Contact J&M!

Gas Piping Portland Oregon DIY’s have questions? Contact J&M!

Gas Piping Portland Oregon do it yourself folks, please don’t hesitate to contact me for questions about Gas Piping! I truly love my job, and never mind spending a little time via email or phone to answer a few questions about Gas Piping Portland Oregon.

-Code questions about Gas Piping Portland Oregon

Gas Piping Portland Oregon code varies by county & city jurisdictions, so be sure to give me your location when emailing

-Routing & Structural questions about Gas Piping Portland Oregon

I can help you find good routing for your gas pipe installation, and answer questions about where you can and cannot make penetrations

-Sizing for Natural Gas & Propane Gas Piping in Portland Oregon

Gas Piping drops significant BTU availability every 10′. If you email Gas Piping sizing questions, your best bet is to include a sketch showing

the location of all existing gas appliances including their BTU requirements. Be sure to clearly show the gas meter location and include

distances for gas pipe runs.

-If you need help finding BTU loads for gas appliances, if you know the exact gas appliance you are installing, look up the manual online. If you’re still shopping around, I can give you some ballpark BTU loads on common appliances to help you plan for your Gas Piping Portland Oregon installation & routing.

-Underground Gas Piping Portland Oregon questions. Underground Gas Pipe Portland Oregon is primarily done in yellow marked polyurethane pipe, and will require a trace wire in the ditch beside the poly gas pipe. Poly gas pipe has a slightly different sizing table than black iron gas pipe. Heads up, all ditches containing underground gas pipe must be 18″ deep!

We find often there is a “mystiqe” surrounding gas pipe sizing. Most folks are under the impression if the gas line in their home is near the location of the new gas appliance they plan to add, the job is as simple as tying into the existing line. Unfortunately, Gas Pipe line sizing very rarely is that simple. Gas Pipe sizing must account for all of the appliances sharing the line. In new construction during the gas pipe installation, there is nor reason to run a larger than needed line to each gas appliance, so the chances are actually very slim that there will be enough BTU’s available at the line to your fireplace to run a new gas range. Gas Piping  Portland Oregon requires a map showing the inspector your sizing methods and all line sizes along w appliance locations and BTU ratings.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me for any of your gas piping questions, and good luck with your project!

Jeremiah Doty, owner J&M Services


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