Getting the Best Deal on Natural Gas or Propane Service

Getting the Best Deal on Natural Gas or Propane Service

Adding a Natural Gas or Propane Service to your Portland Oregon or Vancouver Washington area home is one of the most valuable upgrades you can do.  The energy savings alone are worth the investment!  The added benefits of gas heat, cooking with gas, never refilling tanks on the BBQ, etc really make the choice easy.

Making your gas system affordable is the hard part.  Here’s a few tips to make converting your home to an energy efficient gas powered home less painful on your wallet.

Most Propane Providers offer at least 10′ of free underground from the tank.  Many offer up to 20′ free.  Most times this does not include the ditch, save yourself and hire a neighbor kid for your ditch.  Before getting quotes for underground from your gas piping installer, check with your gas provider for their rates.

Let the Propane provider install the exterior regulators.  Most times the regulators are included in your tank set price, you would be double paying if your purchased your exterior initial regulator from your gas piping contractor.

Wiegh out the costs difference for adding more appliances.  Most fuel providers will give you a better install price if they are going to be selling you more fuel.  Locally, NW Natural Gas often will bring the line to the home for free with 3 or more gas appliances.  If you were only planning on two appliances, often times you can get the third appliance for free or better when you add the savings from the gas provider.

Shop around for propane companies.  There are tons of different packages available.  Buying your tank will save you money in the long run.  Ask around, some propane providers will sell certified used tanks, but they never advertise this!

Hopefully this helps.  Contact a Gas Piping Installation Professional when you begin your project, they can help you plan for your system and save you time & money. Converting to a Natural Gas or Propane Service is worth the small amount of hassle in the end!

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