Help Spring Allergies with Air Duct Cleaning!

The spinning brush completely cleans all sides of the duct, even on this large 18″ Return Air Vent!

Help Spring Allergies with Air Duct Cleaning!

allergies with air duct cleaning

Dust, pollen, dander & other allergens collect in your homes heating system year round. Air Duct Cleaning Portland Oregon is even more noticeable than areas without 9 months of rain & not running the A/C system. Those first few weeks running the air conditioning push the built up allergens through your homes heating & cooling system and into the air you and your family breathes.

Air Duct Cleaning is an inexpensive way to cut down on the amount of airborne contaminants. With the invention of powerful portable machines, the costs are less than ever before! A spinning brush directly attached to a vacuum hose knocks the debris loose and sucks it all up in one step.

If you’re ever wondering if your duct system is partially to blame for your allergies, shine a flashlight inside of one. Unless you’ve had this service performed before, I bet you will be surprised! Our Gallery has lots of pictures showing before & after duct cleaning. Minimize your allergies with air duct cleaning, and see the difference for yourself!

Air Duct Cleaning Portland Oregon helps with our allergies after a long wet Winter!


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