Hiring an Entry Level Employee for Gas Piping

Hiring an Entry Level Employee for Gas Piping

The business model we have grown with has very strict standards for hiring new gas piping employees.  Our struggling economy has set new standards for customer service and value that many traditional mechanical companies were not able to adapt to, especially those offering specialty services such as gas piping Portland Oregon.

First requirement is a valid driver’s license with a clean driving record.  Keeping our overhead low is key for our survival. Paying extra to insure an employee with a bad driving record does not fit into our business model!

Well spoken.  Speaks clearly, easy to understand, both in person and over the phone.  Our new hire is someday going to represent our company to our customers.  Being able to clearly communicate with customers is an essential skill!

Tough.  Our job is not easy!  Crawling under houses wrenching iron gas pipe over your head laying on your back in muddy wet insulation is just not fun.  I like to find out my potential employees hobbies during our interview.  Candidates with mechanical hobbies aren’t afraid to get dirty, and generally are better with their hands in tight places. Gas Piping is honestly not for everyone!

Clean cut, professional appearance.  That’s the catch!  We bring a level of customer service rarely seen in the construction industry.  The stereotype greasy dirty gas pipe fitter from the cartoons is out of business.   A candidate must be mechanically inclined, willing to do some of the toughest work in the trades, yet still maintain a professional appearance and keep tools, vans, etc clean and neat. The “Grease Monkey” stereotype gas piping tech’s will not be considered at J&M Services.

In this current economy, it’s hard for a worker to find a job.  In the first hour I posted my job position available, we received over 20 phone calls from potential applicants.  To get the job, you now have to be the total package.  Just knowing your trade isn’t enough, well spoken, neat & clean, organized, all need to be a part of your skillset to provide customers with quality Gas piping Portland Oregon.

Gas Piping Portland Oregon, large radiant heater for Shop application
Gas Piping Portland Oregon, large radiant heater for Shop application

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