Outdoor Entertainment with Propane or Natural Gas

Outdoor Entertainment with Propane or Natural Gas

Propane or Natural Gas accessories can bring your outdoor entertainment area to the next level of comfort and style.

Barbecues can easily be permanently plumbed into your gas system by a licensed Gas Pipe Fitter, eliminating the need for replacing tanks.  Modern BBQ’s can be fitted with infrared heat, increasing the types of foods you can prepare while enjoying the outdoors. Full outdoor kitchens can incorporate propane or natural gas accessories. Imagine an “L” shaped countertop, with an imbedded gas BBQ, surrounded by propane or natural gas lighting. What a way to entertain!

We’ve done some really fun things with fire rings and customer propane or natural gas torches! Picture the setting: Just as it gets dark, you light the inner 20″ ring in your large gas firepit. As the night gets darker, you adjust your imbedded key valve and turn your gas firepit into a raging bonfire for your guests to gather around! To top it all of, one twist of another hidden gas valve lights a row of propane or natural gas torches illuminating the seating area for your guests. It just doesn’t get much better!

Gas powered patio heaters make outdoor fun a year long endeavor.  Overhead gas radiant heaters keep a specific area warm no matter what the weather is up to, snow & Barbecuing do mix!  Gas fire pits add an ambiance and a warm gathering place for your guests.

From simple BBQ hookups to avoid changing cumbersome tanks to extravagant outdoor entertainment areas featuring large outdoor kitchens, radiant heaters and outdoor fireplaces or pits, Propane or Natural Gas can truly make the difference.

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