Planning for Future Needs During Your Gas Pipe Installation

Planning for Future Needs During Your Gas Pipe Installation

Don’t rush thru when planning gas pipe installation in your home. There are many things to consider when planning a new Gas line system.  Consulting a knowledgeable Gas professional during the planning stage can save much money and hassle down the road.

What appliances are you currently planning  on having plumbed for Natural or Propane gas?  The initial section of gas pipe that comes directly off the gas meter or propane tank is referred to as the “Trunkline”.  The Trunkline is the largest line in your system and can drop in size as branches off decrease the BTU load.  Planning ahead now will ensure your Trunkline will have enough available BTU’s for your current gas appliances as well as future appliances.  Although adding lines at a later time to specific appliances can be  relatively inexpensive, if your initial trunkline will not support additional appliances costs can quickly rise.

Planning ahead and considering all future gas needs can really save you in the future.  Having your trunkline oversized during the initial gas pipe installation to accommodate future needs is much more cost effective than paying for it to be redone at a later time!  A good Gas Contractor will help you plan for the future by sizing all of your potential options and educating you on the best choices to make for you current and future budget.  Some high BTU usage items such as Gas powered generator’s or Tankless Water Heaters will need a substantially larger trunkline.  Appliances such as modern Gas Dryers use very little extra gas and rarely require any extra sizing at all.  Have a good idea of all of your current and potential future gas needs before consulting a Gas Contractor, making the correct choices now can really save money later!

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