Three Problems That Require Gas Piping Repair

Three Problems That Require Gas Piping Repair

If you’re having an issue with any of your gas appliances and an appliance repair company has already determined there isn’t anything wrong with the actual appliance itself, you may be in need of a gas piping repair. Gas piping is used with your furnace, hot water heater, range, and similar appliances, to bring natural gas or propane into your home to provide fuel for those gas appliances. Homes utilizing Gas piping in Portland Oregon and Vancouver Washington Metro and the surrounding areas are very common, and usually very reliable. But like any other plumbing in your home, gas piping can run into trouble from time to time. When that happens, you need to call in a professional gas piping Company to handle any repairs just as you would call a Water Plumber for any water leaks or drain clogs. Here are 3 problems that can occur with your gas piping that require repair.

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  • Leaks. Leaks in your gas line don’t happen very often, but when they do they constitute a serious danger to your home: not only gas piping repaircan they cause health issues for you or your family members, but they could result in extensive property damage and even severe injury due to fire. Natural gas is normally odorless, which is why the specific, foul scent of rotting eggs is added. If you smell a Natural Gas Leak, you need to turn off the gas outside at the Gas Meter and call NW Natural immediately. Clear your home of all pets and family members while you’re waiting for NW Natural to determine the source and severity of the gas leak. Use common sense and refrain from doing anything involving open flame, such as lighting up a cigarette.
  • Blocks. Blockages in gas piping are extremely rare but not unheard of. Typically they are caused by contaminants in the line leftover from the original pipe installation, which over time can build-up near the appliance valve. Consistently operating gas appliances such as Water Heaters & Furnaces must have a “Drip Leg” installed on the piping to catch sediment before it can reach the appliance. However, many older homes do not have sediment traps. Regardless of the exact cause, the result is the same: the gas won’t flow and the appliance relying on it will not function. In some cases, it might not entirely restrict the flow of gas, but merely slow it down.
  • Valve issues. Gas Valves at the end of each gas line can sometimes have the handles strip, leaving the line partially closed when it appears to be open. Although rare, gas valves can be a source of a leak, mostly from improper installation methods. The good news is that natural gas valves are fairly easy and inexpensive to replace. As with any other repair issues, you need to address the issue immediately in order to avoid real trouble.

If you encounter problems with the appliances or gas lines installed in your home and suspect that you might require gas piping repair, but there is no smell indicating a gas leak, then call your local gas piping repair Company. However, if you think there is even a chance you’re detecting a gas leak, keep your home and family safe, first by evacuating the house, and then contact Northwest Natural at 800-882-3377. Once they have allowed people back into the house, call the experts at J&M Services at 503-680-0195 or 360-263-5600 to fix the problem.

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