Propane Generator – PNW Winter Storms Are A Breeze After Install

Propane Generator, Natural gas Generator, Winter Storm, Power Outage

Propane Generator – Family Safety And Security During Winter Storms

Brrrrr!!! What did all my Pacific Northwest friends think about that crazy winter storm we just had?? I was ok with a little snow, but I can certainly do without that dangerous freezing rain! At our Home, we are blessed to have a whole-house Propane Generator. Within minutes of the power outage, our Home’s Propane Generator took over and the only way we even noticed the power was still out, was by looking down our street at the rows of dark windows in our neighborhood. 

propane generator, winter storm, power outage, ice storms

I was able to enjoy watching my kiddos Sled down our hill and play outside till their teeth were chattering, then snuggle up in our warm house with mugs of hot chocolate while watching their favorite Wintertime Movie (ironically the movie “Frozen”)

Propane Generator, Winter Storms, Snow Days,

As it became obvious we were going to be without power in our neighborhood for longer than originally anticipated, I sent texts out to our neighbors letting them know they were welcome to swing by for a hot shower or a cup of coffee. It’s amazing how fast things revert to the Stone Age in our modern world! A few of the Families on our street were very grateful for the offer to share our Propane Generator and swung by to charge cell phones and laptops 

Our Propane Generator Helped Us Help Others

One of our neighbors we are good friends with has a high quality Honda gas powered portable Generator, and assured me that although he appreciated the offer, they would be just fine. I’m familiar with that gas Generator and actually own one myself that we use for Camping. Ours was a Christmas Gift from my Father and has been a very dependable little Generator, at least for Camping or running an extension cord thru a window to keep your Refrigerator running. 

Propane Generator, Snow Storm, Winter Storm, Power Outage

Side note; I’ve always thought it a bit ironic that one of the top priorities during a Winter Storm with all its snow flurries & freezing rain, is making sure your perishable foods stay cold….

I of all people understand the Male Ego and why my buddy would have rather frozen his toes off than do anything that implied his $1,200 portable gas Generator wasn’t “Man Enough”, but his Wife didn’t hesitate to reach out to us after the first long day in a dark cold house without running water or flushing toilets.

They’ve been wonderful neighbors and friends. It honestly felt great to see them warming up and relaxing in our Living Room. Our Wives chatted it up and worked on one of those crazy puzzles with thousands of pieces that I’ve never been able to finish, while our kids played board games together. Yes, our Propane Generator easily powered the video game systems, but the boys didn’t seem to question it when I explained to them that “Board Games are easier on the Propane Generator System”. Gotta take a Parenting Win whenever possible, right??

Propane Generator, Winter Storms, Power Outage, Board Games


Driving through the dark streets early Monday morning on my way to work, I felt completely at ease in my heart knowing my Family would stay warm and safe while I was gone for the workday. Installing a Propane Generator was one of the best choices as a Husband and Father that I’ve ever made for my Family!

Just thought I’d share this with anyone who’s been considering their options after this last Winter Storm!

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