Radiant Gas Heaters Washington & Oregon

Radiant Gas Heaters Washington & Oregon

Gas Piping Portland Oregon, large radiant gas heaters keep warm
Large radiant gas heater in a Shop. Stay warm year round!

Radiant Gas heaters are perfect for heating a specific area.  Unlike furnaces or other traditional means of heat, radiant gas heaters do not utilize a fan or blower.  As the name implies, the heat radiates in a direct pattern from the unit.

Radiant propane or natural gas heaters are become increasingly popular in outdoor entertainment settings.  A covered patio can be comfortably used year round with radiant heat.  Out here in the Great North West, our outdoor areas either go unused 9 months of the year or your guests are bundled up in blankets stuffed in chairs. We’ve really enjoyed our outdoor gas heater!

Most radiant gas heaters utilize a low voltage ignition system  and turn on with the flip of a switch. Radiant heaters are used in many shops or garages  to heat directly over work areas.  To install a Gas powered radiant heater in your shop or outdoor area, you will need a qualified Electrician and Gas Piper.  Mounting the unit is not difficult, most come with mounting systems consisting of adjustable chains.  The low voltage power most units require is easily tapped off  almost any exisiting electrical system.  The BTU usage of radiant gas heaters varies from 30,000 to over 100,000 btu.  After choosing a unit that best fits your needs, you will need to consult a licensed gas contractor to plan for the gas piping system.  Lower btu units can generally be tied into existing natural or propane gas systems. Some of the larger units may require new piping directly from the gas meter or tank.

Radiant gas heaters are a great way to get instant heat over a specific area in a variety of applications and conditions.

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