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Q - I currently have natural gas in my home to my Furnace & Water heater. Can you route a gas pipe to my kitchen for a Gas Cooktop?

A – Yes, we can do that (affordably too). Cooking with Natural Gas or Propane has many advantages. The burners heat up instantly, no waiting for a coil to heat via electrical current. The burners get much hotter which is perfect for stir fry or quickly boiling water. Another advantage is how quickly the burners cool down, almost instantly once the flame is turned off.

Q - Can I get a gas line routed to the deck for a BBQ outlet?

A – Yes! When the home already has a gas system, it makes no sense to keep filling 5 gallon tanks for a BBQ. For a relatively low cost we can route a new gas line to the customers deck or patio, allowing the customer to skip exchanging 5 gallon tanks and eliminating the chance of running out of fuel in the middle of cooking/BBQuing for guests! BBQ’s converted for a home gas line use a quick connect similar to an air tool fitting, allowing the homeowner to easily disconnect the BBQ for cleaning or maintenance of the BBQ itself or the surrounding deck or patio.

Q - Do I have enough available Natural Gas at my home or business to add the appliances I want?

A – YES. NW Natural is in the business of selling gas. If the new gas appliance exceeds the capacity of your current Gas Meter, NW Natural will be happy to install a larger meter for free, since you’ll now be a better customer to them! Sizing requirements for gas piping Portland Or have recently changed, please don’t hesitate to contact us for help sizing your natural gas lines”

This is a partial list of services we offer at J&M Services in the Vancouver and Portland Metro areas. We welcome the opportunity to bid special projects that may not be listed here.

J&M Services ac handle all aspects of Gas Piping for Portland Oregon, Vancouver Wa and surrounding areas.

Commercial/Light Commercial Gas Piping Services

Underground gas piping installation

  • Underground gas lines to outdoor BBQ’s, pool heaters, fire pits, outdoor kitchens, etc.
  • Underground gas pipe plumbing from an existing gas supply to remote buildings, in many cases it is more cost effective to run underground gas pipe than to have an additional tank or gas meter set.
A J&M Services gas line installation in Vancouver Washington
Gas Line Installation

Residential New Construction Gas Piping Services

  • Propane or Natural Gas Piping Applications
  • Standard or high pressure gas systems
  • Easy to understand “per gas pipe outlet” pricing

Damaged Heating Duct Replaced or Repaired

  • Animal damaged heating duct replaced
  • Water damaged duct work safely removed and replaced
  • Very clean & Safe! All contaminated insulation is bagged in the crawl or attic space
  • Upgrade your current HVAC duct system to modern energy standards
Some badly damaged ductwork in Vancouver Washington needs ventilation repair
Damaged Ductwork

Residential New Construction Gas Piping Services

  • Homeowner gas line additions to new gas appliances
  • Complete gas piping retrofit
  • Removal/relocation of existing gas pipe lines
  • Up-sizing of your gas lines to accommodate larger gas appliances such as tankless water heater

Residential New Construction Venting

  • Bath fans vented
  • Dryer vents installed
  • Kitchen hoods vented
  • Downdraft duct work installed

Commercial Venting Services

Remodel Venting

  • Bath fan venting
  • Custom downdrafts vented
  • Cooktop kitchen hood vents
  • Dryer vents
  • Vent relocation or repair
  • Damaged duct replaced or repaired
  • Heating duct extended or relocated

Dryer Booster Fans installed

*Propane or Natural Gas Shop Heat Options

  • Radiant propane or natural gas heat
  • Hanging blower units

*Venting of Gas Fireplaces (most applications)

A gas cook top in a Vancouver Washington home fed by an new gas line installation
Gas Cook Top

*Venting of Gas Fireplaces (most applications)

A technician on a ladder facilitating air duct cleaning in a Vancouver Washington home
Air Duct Cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning for your home

  • Breathe cleaner air for your family, greatly reduce the amount of dust on your furniture

Dryer Vent Cleaning

  • Eliminate one of your homes greatest fire risks
  • Improve operation and extend the life of your clothes dryer
  • Our duct cleaners are also highly skilled in repairing or installing dryer vents

Environmentally Safe Anti-Bacterial Fogger

  • Eliminates harmful bacteria and molds from your homes heating ducts

Commercial/Multi-Family Apartment Dryer Vent Cleaning & Air Duct Cleaning

J&M Services provides Dryer Vent Cleanout for apartment complexes

  • Reduce fire hazard from lint buildup, our duct cleaners use a flow meter to verify results
  • Great pricing tiers for Dryer Vent Cleaning on multi-unit apartment complex cleaning
  • Multi-family and Commercial Air Duct Cleaning services