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Improve Indoor Air Quality with Regular Air Duct Cleaning

Air Duct CleaningDo you know what’s in the air you’re breathing? When we are outside it is difficult to control what we breathe, but in many cases the air inside our homes is surprisingly much worse. The good news is indoor air pollution is one risk that you can do something about with regular air duct cleaning.

• 97% of homes have indoor air quality issues.

• Dirty coils and heating ducts use as much as 30% more energy than clean ones.

• The EPA ranks indoor air pollution among the top five health risks.

For our NW Oregon Customers, we provide Air Duct Cleaning Services in Portland Oregon & Greater Metro Areas including Multnomah County and surrounding areas

For our SW Washington Customers, we provide Air Duct Cleaning Services in Vancouver WA Metro Area including all of Clark County and surrounding areas

Although this page is dedicated to providing information about our Dryer Vent Cleaning & Air Duct Cleaning Services in Portland Or, Vancouver Wa and surrounding areas, we welcome the opportunity to bid vent cleaning services in other areas or special duct cleaning projects that may not be listed here.

Providing high quality Air Duct Cleaning Services using top of the line modern portable duct cleaning equipment, while still offering extremely affordable rates!

Watch the Video: Air Duct Cleaning using a modern portable system with the suction hose located directly behind the spinning brush. The soft bristles of the brush work perfectly to dislodge dirt, debris and harmful bacterias. The machine has a clutch style drive system that protects the ductwork from damage as it cleans.

The Air Duct Cleaning Process - Take a Breath of Fresh Air

Our air duct cleaning process is state-of-the-art with successful results — customer after customer. We utilize advanced air duct cleaning technology with the only self-contained method that simultaneously brushes and vacuums ductwork debris at the same time. Dirt is brushed loose inside the heating air duct and immediately swept up by modern portable duct cleaning machines  each with FOUR powerful vacuum motors fitted with HEPA filters to make sure the air is free of pollen, animal dander, dust mites and other harmful bacteria. Highly trained & certified duct cleaners ensure the job is done right. Our Vancouver Washington and Portland Oregon Air Duct Cleaning customers literally go to sleep breathing better!

Accumulated bacteria before air duct cleaning a Vancouver Washington home
Pollen accumulation before air duct cleaning a Vancouver Washington home
Animal dander before air duct cleaning a Vancouver Washington home
Animal Dander
Creepy dust mites before air duct cleaning in a Vancouver Washington Home
Dust Mites

Customers who should have their air ducts cleaned

Customers who should have their air ducts cleaned

  • Customers with allergies will benefit from having their air ducts cleaned. It really A Vancouver Washington Woman sneezes due to allergies before air duct cleaninghelped my Daughter & I with our allergies!
  • Customers who have problems with excessive dust on furniture. We really noticed less dusting was required for several months after the duct cleaners did their job.
  • Customers whose heating vents have dust around the corners, this is typically a solid sign it’s time to schedule air duct cleaning services.
  • Customers whose heating vents have obvious debris inside. (If you look inside your heating duct and see obvious debris, there’s sure to be even more debris further down the ductwork!)
  • People with pets may wish to have air duct cleaning done more often.
  • New Construction. During the home building process, the heating duct system is exposed to all types of contaminants. All too often the heat system is used to dry out the sheetrock mud, speeding up the process for the painters, but unfortunately also sucking all the sheetrock dust thru the entire heating duct system. Our trained duct cleaners can help!
  • New homeowners or tenants. You never know what pets, habits, allergens, etc the previous owner/tenant may have introduced to the heating duct system. Small kids may drop food down floor vents, leaving you unknowingly breathing the mold spores! It is very common for air vent cleaning customers to have their vents cleaned before moving in to a new home.
  • Customers who have a new furnace installed, but are reusing their existing heating duct work. It’s a shame to run a brand new furnace and suck all the old nasties into it! Many HVAC companies hire us to perform air duct cleaning services as a means to ensure no warranty issues are caused by old contaminants.
  • Our customers living off gravel roads. The excessive dust will greatly shorten the life span of your homes heating system. Rural customers often have duct cleaning services performed more often.

Dryer Lint Buildup is Actually a Pretty Big Deal

A little searching in any major search engine for Dryer Vent Cleaning Portland Oregon or Dryer Vent Cleaning Vancouver Washington should bring up all kinds of articles regarding fires caused by Dryer lint buildup. Dryer vents should be at LEAST cleaned annually. While there’s the very obvious fire hazard, there is also other issues such as your clothes Dryer will wear out prematurely from working harder and of course your clothes will not dry as quickly with a clogged dryer vent. The lint buildup is gradual and may not always be noticed. People often don’t realize their dryer vent cleaning needs to be done until their dryer duct is completely clogged or their clothes will no longer dry.  Almost always customers comment on how much faster their clothes dry after we are completed with our Dryer Vent Cleaning Service. We clean the dryer vent from both sides, which is somewhat rare. Most companies offering dryer vent cleaning do a mediocre job and only clean the dryer vent from the outside, never entering the home. This always leaves at least some lint buildup in the duct near the dryer connection. We completely disconnect the dryer from the duct, vacuum the back of the dryer itself and all around the laundry room floor. Clean your Dryer Vent now and reduce fire hazard in your home. Of course we catch the lint trap too, leaving the customer with a “Fresh Start”.

Most apartment complexes have their dryer vents cleaned out at least annually. Because apartment dryer duct cleaning notably reduces fire hazard, in many cases apartment dryer vent cleaning must be done to meet insurance requirements. If you are a tenant in an apartment complex, be sure to request that all of the dryer vents in the complex are cleaned at least annually. Our duct cleaners are in & out in less than an hour in most cases. Fires from excessive dryer lint buildup from your neighbor can quickly spread to your home as well! Dryer vent cleaning is very affordable, and group rates may apply to apartment complexes. We specialize in apartment dryer vent cleaning in Portland Oregon, Vancouver Washington and all surrounding areas. We offer very competitive rates for multi-family and/or apartment dryer vent cleaning services, often coming in considerably lower with our pricing and always providing top tier service.

What to Expect During Air Duct Cleaning Services, a Step by Step Summary

If you’re a first time Air Duct Cleaning customer, we want to make sure you know exactly what you’re paying for and what to expect once the Duct Cleaner crew arrives. J&M has a long history of transparency & honesty, as a quick Google search of our many great reviews from previous customers who’ve had their air ducts cleaned by us will quickly show.

The first step towards a firm estimate or getting an air duct cleaning service scheduled typically involves a brief phone conversation. I personally guarantee you will never feel pressured into extra sales you don’t want or need by our friendly & knowledgeable office staff, and thru out the entire air duct cleaning process you will never experience any pushy sales tactics or hidden fees. A brief chat on the phone lets us gather some details about your home & heating duct system and also ensures you get an appointment date & time that works best for you.  On the day of your scheduled appointment our Duct Cleaner Technicians will give you a call when they are en-route to your home with an ETA.

Quick Tip: At J&M, we utilize a very simple & easy to understand per-vent pricing system. Simply count up all the supply vents and air return vents in your home prior to scheduling your duct cleaning service, and we’ll be able to provide a FIRM quote right over the phone!

Once our certified Duct Cleaner Technicians have arrived at your home and introduced themselves, they will perform an initial walk-through to establish the location and exact sizes of all the heating ducts in your home. The Technicians will discuss any potential concerns or questions you may have, ask permission to move furniture if needed to access vents, and verify the vent count matches what you have given our office prior to scheduling (Don’t worry if you missed a vent or two, our low per-vent pricing system ensures that even if a vent was missed in the original estimate, any additional charges will be discussed prior to beginning any work and the charges will be very minimal) Our Technicians will also offer to perform a FREE Crawl Inspection. This is a great benefit to you with no hidden catch! Our Tech’s will note any issues in the crawlspace including potential electrical or plumbing concerns, standing water indicating plumbing or drainage issues, missing or fallen insulation, or any other issues that you should be made aware of and will perform a full inspection of all the heating ductwork in the crawlspace. Should any issues be found in the heating duct system, minor repairs can typically be taken care of during your Air Duct Cleaning appointment (with your permission of course!)

Our Technicians will begin by staging tools & equipment inside your home, including our portable duct cleaning machine, and all the appropriate sized duct cleaning brushes we’ll need to complete your air duct cleaning service. Drop Cloths are placed to protect carpet & floors in all areas our duct cleaners will be working.

Grills & Vent covers are removed and carefully set aside to be hand-washed and reinstalled after all the ducts have been thoroughly cleaned. In an effort to keep our overhead reduced and continue to offer amazing pricing, we typically use a ShopVac with a HEPA filter to suck out the bulk debris often collected near the floor registers, prolonging the life of our specialized duct cleaning brushes & industrial vacuum hoses. If you ever see a Company advertising “Air Ducts Cleaned Cheap” and they ONLY have a ShopVac, do not fall for the scam!  A Certified Air Duct Cleaning Contractor must use both agitation via contact brush or air whip and vacuum collection while cleaning the heating duct system

Our powerful modern portable air duct cleaning machines utilize an interchangeable spinning brush, ensuring the correct sized brush is always being used for the corresponding sized heating duct. The Duct Cleaner Technician will make several passes thru the entire length of each heating vent in the home, continuing until no further debris is left. We do NOT set a maximum number of passes thru each duct nor a time limit, our Technicians are specifically instructed to clean each duct thoroughly regardless of how many passes or how long it takes.

If you have provided our Technician with a new furnace filter, they will install it at this time. All grills & registers are reinstalled, and a final walk-through of the home is done. Our Technicians pack up all equipment & tools brought into your house, and make sure your home is left as clean or cleaner than when we arrived. Any furniture moved to accommodate the duct cleaning process is moved back into place, and your furnace system is turned back on. The Technician will go over your invoice with you in person and make sure you don’t have any questions or concerns before they leave.

Click here you would like to read more about our Step by Step Air Duct Cleaning Service

Commercial Air Duct Cleaning in Vancouver WA, Portland OR  and the Surrounding Metro Areas

We offer Commercial Air Duct Cleaning services in Vancouver Washington & Portland Oregon Metro and surrounding areas for Motel / Hotel laundry air vent cleaning. Laundry mat air vent cleaning. Laundry facilities located within RV parks or Campgrounds. Other air duct cleaning services include preschools & daycares, the parents will greatly appreciate their children breathing clean air, and you can proudly display a certificate from us showing the Air Ducts have been cleaned & sanitized. Many convenience stores/gas stations, clothing stores, candy shops and other retail business’s that sell to the public from a facility employ our professional air duct cleaning services. Other services include Gyms & Fitness Centers, Dining areas, Office’s, showrooms and more. Show your customers you care by giving them clean air!

“Ask our Technicians to clean the Bathroom Vents while on site. The cleanliness of the restroom is one of the strongest impressions a customer will get, make sure it’s a positive impression!”

Many of our air duct cleaning competitors are also Carpet Cleaners. Their carpet cleaning vacuums can be somewhat modified to perform Air Duct Cleaning. We believe we are a much better choice for our Vancouver Washington & Portland Oregon customers. Most carpet cleaners do not have much if any knowledge of duct work or ventilation. We come from a background specializing in Ventilation & Duct Repair. If our Vent Cleaning crews find a problem with your homes duct work, they can repair small problems themselves or schedule one of our qualified technicians to come out. Our air vent cleaning technicians are trained to look for potential problems in your duct work, helping you avoid costly failures down the road.

Additionally, we offer an antibacterial air fogger. Most of our vent cleaning competitors push this heavily and use a strong lemon scent so the customer “Can tell something was done….”. Our antibacterial solution is unscented and 100% environmentally friendly. A small 110 volt machine pressurizes the pre-mixed solution into a fine mist, then the furnaces blower fan pulls the mist thru the duct work. Very similar to sanitizing a counter-top. Our duct cleaners will never pressure customers, but the antibacterial fogger is recommended for people with allergies, pets or and situation in which their heating system duct work may have mold or bacteria present. Air Duct Cleaning Vancouver Washington & Air Duct Cleaning Portland Oregon customers have often told us this has helped with their allergies, and from personal experience it did help with my own allergies.

Our customers all agree that scheduled air duct cleaning has been noticeably beneficial. Furnace filters last longer and heating systems avoid premature failure. The amount of dust in your home is reduced. Our clients can sleep soundly without any worry of a dryer duct fire caused by excessive lint buildup. Your customers can breathe easier knowing your facility has taken advantage of our very affordable services.

We use a very simple and easy to understand per air vent pricing structure for our air duct cleaning services in Vancouver Washington, Portland Oregon and surrounding areas. A quick walk around your home to count all of the air vents will allow us to give you a firm quote with no hidden fees when you call to schedule your air duct cleaning. If you do miss an air vent in your count, don’t worry, our per air vent cleaning pricing is very low!

Air Duct Cleaning FAQ

A: The $99 air duct cleaning specials are a scam some less reputable duct cleaners use to get their foot in the door! If it sounds too good to be true, it is.

A: We use portable air duct cleaning machines. They have powerful duel vacuum motors attached to an industrial strength vacuum hose with a braided steel cable routed inside. The brush’s can be quickly exchanged to ensure the proper size is being used on the air ducts. The brushes knock debris loose as the powerful vacuum sucks it up directly behind the brush.

A: The costs is based on the number of heating supply ducts and cold air returns in your home. Very simple to understand per vent pricing with zero hidden fees. Count the vents in your home and give us a call for a free quote!

A: We try to leave every home cleaner than upon our arrival.

A: We recommend annually, but if you have allergies, pets or other conditions you may have air duct cleaning done twice a year.

A: It depends on how many air ducts you have in your home, but on average 2-4 hours.

A: Yes! Dryer fires are actually the number one cause of home fires in America. Dryer vent cleaning is very affordable, especially if combined with whole house air duct cleaning.

A: Our air duct cleaning machines have soft rubber wheels made to be safe on any surface. We have had a problem a few times removing built in floor registers on hardwood floors, so just to be safe please attempt to remove all of your floor vents before calling for air duct cleaning services.

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