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J&M Services Gas Piping Facts

We also get many calls for Gas Leak repair. The best thing for a homeowner to do when they smell gas is to call NW Natural! They will come out, locate the gas leak, assess the danger (if any) and tag the leak location, which speeds up the process when we arrive on the scene.

We have the same high dollar digital gas detectors (sniffers) as NW Natural. They will go off on your breath if you eat spicy foods, they’re VERY sensitive! We also use a contractor grade leak test solution, which will bubble visibly with even the smallest of leaks. Our leak solution is NOT just soapy water! The detergents in soapy water will actually degrade the teflon tape that seals the joints of the piping.

We get a few calls every year from “Off the Grid” homeowners. These tough folks live where power and common utilities are not available. Propane is the perfect answer! There are a surprising amount of propane (or Natural Gas) appliances available; Refrigerators, Freezers, Cooktops, Generators, Clothes Dryers, Heaters, Kilns, Indoor & Outdoor Lighting, Mosquito/bug lights, fireplaces, etc. We get many calls yearly for “Off the Grid” hunting or vacation cabins as well. We enjoy these jobs, many are in beautiful remote areas!

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Gas Piping expert design & gas line installation is our specialty! We have a real edge in knowledge when it comes to our trade over the traditional fully mechanical “do it all” companies. Our experience and specialization gives us the best chance of minimal damage to sheetrock, siding, etc. especially when finding and repairing gas leaks or installing gas lines in retrofit applications.  If you have any Gas Pipe in need of re-routing or repair, we look forward to being able to assist you. If you smell gas your first call should be to Northwest Natural Don’t wait contact, them immediately 800-882-3377.
Jeremiah of J&M Services works on a gas line installation, high up on Vancouver Washington interior warehouse scaffolding
I'm one of the only Certified Master Gas Pipe Fitters in the Portland Oregon & Vancouver Washington Metro areas. Although you only need to be a Master Fitter for certain specialized gas piping installations, such as Propane Gas in residential applications, I was determined to achieve this certification because I want to be the best in my trade. -- Jeremiah Doty, Owner/ Operator of J&M Services.
Watch the Video: Gas Piping – Proper technique threading Gas Pipe using a Ridgid 535 self oiling pipe threader. Reaming the pipe before threading ensures the start thread will be tapered properly and eliminates the “lip” caused by pipe threading. Skipping this important step will physically decrease the line size of the gas pipe at the threads and therefore limit gas flow.

Gas Piping Specialization has advantages for our clients

Being a Gas Piping specialty company has many advantages: We are able to purchase our materials in bulk; We have more black iron pipe & CSST flexible gas pipe delivered monthly than larger 40+ employee companies, giving us a significant costs savings. We also only use the best tools available for our trade: Ridgid name brand aluminum pipe wrenches, CSST specific tubing cutters and self oiling Ridgid 300 compact pipe machines. Ridgid tools are well known as the best in the business! Many of our competitors use tri-stand machines that must be assembled and disassembled at each job. While it takes their technicians 30 minutes or more just to set up for the job, it only takes us 5 minutes with our Ridgid collapsible wheeled pipe threader stands. Their machines cost them about $1,500 each. Ours run over $5,500. The higher quality equipment we use goes hand in hand with our commitment to providing the highest level of service. In addition to top of the line tools, our custom built vans are specifically set up for gas piping, allowing us to cut labor time and pass the savings on to our customers. Of all the FULLY Licensed Contractors, we’re the least expensive in the area. Bottom line — More bang for your hard earned buck!
A Ridgid compact pipe threader minimizes the labor cost for gas piping in Vancouver Washington
We use Self-Oiling Ridgid Compact Threaders on collapsible wheeled carts to help minimize labor costs.

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