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Gas Piping TigardGas Piping Tigard

Welcome to J&M Services, the perfect fit for all aspects of Gas Piping Tigard! We strive to provide a family friendly atmosphere for both our Technicians & our Customers, while still maintaining the highest level of professionalism that is required to be considered the best Gas Piping Contractor Tigard Or has to offer. Our highly trained & certified Gas Line Installation Technicians are our number one resource and we can tell by the many positive customer calls our Tech’s truly are the best. Continuous training & certification programs keep us at the top of our field in both knowledge and modern equipment. We treat each Technician as an individual and look out for their specific needs and goals in both work and personal life. Creating and maintaining a positive work environment is always at the top of our priority list, we know we wouldn’t be the number one Gas Piping Tigard Contractor without our highly skilled Technicians!

Not only is J&M your Gas Piping Tigard Installation Specialists, we also specialize in Ventilation & Duct Work. This means we are your one stop shop for Kitchen Remodels involving new Gas Ranges and Kitchen Hood Vents, laundry room upgrades including Gas Line Installation to Gas Dryer units and new Dryer Vent Installation, and more. We will not install or service actual furnace units, which keeps our overhead costs down and allows us to focus all of our training on being the best Ventilation & Gas Piping Contractor Tigard Or has to offer! Our Flexible Duct Replacement rates are the best around, with only top grade materials installed along with master certified Technicians.

Gas Piping Tigard

So you’re looking at a new Gas Appliance, and are worried about the installation costs? You’ve come to the right place! Although J&M Services specializes in all types of Tigard Or Gas Lines Installation including New Construction, Commercial & Light Commercial Gas Pipe Installation, our real niche is homeowner projects. We’ve established an easy to understand base rate plus footage pricing system, which allows us to give home owners a great idea of the costs with just one brief phone call. This allows you to purchase you New Gas Appliance confidently, knowing there will be no hidden surprise costs in the Gas Line Installation. And with our combination of specialized knowledge, tools and bulk purchasing of Gas Pipe materials, we’re confident you will be pleasantly surprised with just how affordable your new Gas Line Install can be!

Gas Piping Tigard

J&M Services is your Gas Piping Tigard Specialist! Why is that important to you, and what makes us so different from any other company offering Gas Line Installation services? We do not provide water plumbing, we do not provide furnace installation or service, we strictly specialize in Gas Piping Tigard Or. This means our vans are specifically set up as Gas Piping Contractors, with only the best tools including self oiling Ridgid 300 compact threading machines and all Ridgid brand hand tools. We carry every fitting & specialty tool required for all types of gas line installation on our fully customized vans, meaning we can get the job done on the first trip and in an extremely timely manner. This saves us considerable labor over traditional fully mechanical HVAC or Plumbing Contractors, allowing us to offer amazingly affordable prices. Our Technicians are certified Master Fitters and take great pride in their work. A quick search online brings up literally 100’s of great reviews from previous J&M customers.  If you have a Gas Pipe in need of repair we look forward to being able to assist you but, if you smell gas your first call should be to Northwest Natural, don’t wait contact them immediately 800-882-3377.