Sure are thankful for our Natural Gas Heat during these snowy days!

Sure are thankful for our Natural Gas Heat during these snowy days!

Playing in the snow is fun, and the kids sure are happy about school closing! The adults in the house are happy to be warm and cozy, and know their family will stay warm all night. Natural gas heating is by far the most cost effective way to stay warm all Winter long!

We’ve installed gas piping to a natural gas furnace in our home, and a 10′ U-tube natural gas radiant heater in our Shop. Both of these gas appliances are much more energy effecient than their electrical counterparts, both were less expensive to purchase as well. Gas heat is the closest one can come to old fashioned wood heating. Although on occasion I do miss having wood heat, I sure don’t miss the hassle or mess!

NW Natural Gas offers substantial rebates for installing natural gas heating appliances. In most cases, they will bring service to your home for FREE if you have 3 or more gas appliances installed. There are many energy rebates to take advantage of for installing a gas furnace in your home.

The energy savings over the longterm will more than pay for the installation, and the immediate peace of mind knowing your home will be warm & cozy year round sure doesn’t hurt.

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