Under Ground Gas Piping Using Polyurethane Gas Line

Under Ground Gas Piping Using Polyurethane Gas Line

Under ground Gas Piping can be installed to a large variety of outdoor appliances.  Outdoor Gas Fire Pits add a great ambiance to the backyard BBQ.  Your guests can enjoy sitting around a warm fire pit without the smoke and hassle of a traditional wood burning firepit.  Gas Firepits and outdoor Fireplaces can be custom built by a local mason or purchased pre assembled from many sources.  Costco online has been a great resource for DIY’s, good prices and quality products along with great customer service make them a great place to purchase outdoor gas appliances.  Your local masonry expert can be contracted to build an outdoor gas fireplace to your personal specifications as well. Polyurethane as made underground gas piping installations much more affordable!

Traditionally, black iron schedule 40 gas pipe was coated in water proof green teflon coating. This product, known as “Green Pipe”, was expensive to produce and could not be cut to length on site.  Nowadays, consumers have much more affordable options for under ground gas piping.  Yellow Polyurethane under ground gas pipe comes in large spools and can simply be rolled into a ditch to your desired location.  This is the same product used by the major gas suppliers.  A tracer wire must be layed in the ditch next to the poly gas pipe so the gas line may be easily found at a later date.  Woven hardened steel gas risers must be used at each end of the poly under ground gas pipe to protect the pipe as it leaves the safety of the ditch.  Poly Gas pipe is ideal for longer under ground gas piping lengths as the footage is relatively inexpensive, the majority of the cost involved with poly piping is from the steel risers.

Although local codes may vary (check with your local Gas Contractor), generally under ground gas piping must be sleeved in conduit if it is to pass underneath a concrete or masonry slab.  The purpose of the conduit is not to protect the pipe as much as it is to allow a gas bubble to escape safely rather than dangerously build up underneath the slab.   Hiring a knowledgeable Gas Piping Specialist is crucial when planning any under ground gas piping.  The sizing requirements vary depending on the product used, and piping under ground presents a whole new set of rules and codes to follow.

Under ground gas piping
Under ground Gas Pipe to this remote outbuilding

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