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We're Here for You, Truly!

At J and M Services, we’re happy to help our customers cut costs whenever possible! We would MUCH rather save you a few bucks and hopefully earn your Friend / Neighbor / Families work than nitpick to get every last dollar out of you. We can pull the permit for you when required for a small fee, or we offer free email and/or phone advice if you want to pull your own permit. While we do charge for a return trip to install a gas appliance, we don’t mind providing FREE consultation if you would rather do it yourself. How many businesses do you know that will tell you that up front?

The JandMServices fleet of trucks at our Vancouver Washington lot
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Finessing the Fit

Dryer vents are often routed excessively long, with too many turns, bends and 90’s or improper installation. We can up-size the duct for better flow and less lint accumulation. We can improve the routing by reducing bends and improving airflow. Very commonly we see cheap aluminum duct from local hardware stores instead of commercial quality galvanized ducting like we install. The cheap product falls apart and corrodes much faster.

A JandM Services technician installing a dryer vent in Vancouver Washington
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Indoor Air Quality - Attention to detail.

Many of our competitors like to brag about their powerful truck-mounted vacuums. We use portable machines for good reason. We think they provide a much better service and are less intrusive to the system. The large truck mounted machines cut an 8″ hole in the duct work near the furnace, then count on their powerful vac motors to suck all the debris back through the system and the hole they cut in. Our machines have a hose with suction and a spinning brush sized to fit existing entries to each individual duct, doing a much more thorough job and putting the powerful vacuum right in contact with the debris.

An Example of a JandM Services Portable Air Duct Cleaner in a Vancouver Washington home
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Specializing Has Advantages

By specializing, we have an edge in knowledge of our trade over many larger, fully mechanical companies. We’re also able to purchase our materials in bulk, receiving more pipe monthly than they do, giving us a significant costs savings. Additionally, our vans are specifically set up for gas piping, allowing us to cut labor time. In both cases, we pass the savings on to you. What’s more, we only use the best tools for our trade: Ridgid brand aluminum pipe wrenches, CSST specific tubing cutters and self oiling Ridgid 300 compact pipe machines. So, while many of our competitors use tri stand machines that must be assembled and disassembled at each job (taking 30 minutes to set up each time), it takes us only 5 minutes and we’re ready to roll.

Stacked ventilation piping in the JandM Services shop in Vancouver Washington
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Gas Piping

A gas piping gas line connection crafted by JandM Services in Vancouver Washington

We specialize in gas piping. Seriously. So we have a real edge in knowledge of our trade over fully mechanical companies. This gives us the best chance of minimal damage to sheetrock, siding, etc. when finding and repairing gas leaks…

Air Duct Cleaning

An arial view of a JandM Services technician performing air duct cleaning in a Vancouver Washington home

Our air duct cleaning process is state-of-the-art with successful results, customer after customer. We deploy advanced air duct cleaning technology with the only self-contained method that simultaneously brushes and vacuums…


An example of JandMServices ventilation duct work installed in an attic of a Vancouver Washington Home

Builders often use us to provide the venting for all Bath Fans, Dryer Vents and Kitchen Hood Vents. We also provide ventilation for Make-up air or combustion air. For homeowners, when a new bathroom is added or renovated, we…

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J & M Services: Expert Gas Piping, Air Duct Cleaning And Ventilation Services For Portland, Vancouver And The Portland Metro Area.

At J & M Services we are here to serve our customers with professional gas piping, air duct cleaning, and ventilation services.  We service customers throughout the Portland metro area including Southwest Washington.  We are a family owned, full-service Gas Piping, Air Duct Cleaning, and Ventilation company.  We provide service for residential, commercial and industrial clients.

We pride ourselves on a customer first experience.  We offer highly competitive, transparent pricing, workmanship that is second to none and a commitment to exceed the expectations of our customers.  Because we are a specialty company, we have a distinct advantage over our competition.  We can nearly always complete the job more quickly and less expensively than the big “do it all” HVAC companies. Our specialization means that our crews are tooled specifically for our work with industry leading equipment. What takes us 5 minutes to complete can take the competition more than 30 minutes just to set up for.

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Our Excellent Reputation For Gas Piping, Air Duct Cleaning, and Ventilation Has Been Earned Through Years Of Dedication To Our Customers

We understand that when you hire a company to perform a service, any service,  you’re taking a leap of faith.  You never really know who you’re dealing with.  We encourage or customers to look us up, check out our reviews on Google, Angie’s List, or Home Advisor.  We take great pride in the numerous 5 star and 4 star reviews our company has earned.  We enjoy unique business relationships with our primary suppliers.  Those relationships afford us advantages when we purchase materials. We can then pass those saving on to our customers.  Our ability to deliver superior service and craftsmanship at a savings to our customers is one of the most important points of distinction to our company, the bottom line is we’ll get the job done faster and for less money than the competition keeping more of your hard-earned dollars in your pocket where they belong.

Give J&M Services a call today to discuss your Gas Piping, Air Duct Cleaning and Ventilation needs.  We’re eager to hear about your project.  On the Oregon side of the river call 503-680-0195 or from the Washington side call 360-263-5600.  If you prefer you can email us at  However you decide to reach out, we look forward to hearing from you.

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